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News, Notes, and Mentions circa 2009-2012

News circa 2002-08

15 August 12 > + Moist towelettes have been added to the Other gallery. These are all courtesy of Paul Gottesburen who is a chemist at ITW Dymon in Olathe, Kansas. He sent these in September of 2006 and I am just now adding. Very naughty. In my defense, my computer that had Photoshop was stolen. Thank you, Paul!!
6 August 12 > + Moist towelettes have been added to the International and By Virtue galleries. The contributors are Bon, Eve-Marie, and Jason Payne. Thanks y'all!
6 March 12 >

+ This web site will be 10 years old this year. Yeah for me! Sadly, it looks it - all boxy and outdated. It can't be updated until I've plenty of time (never?) because there are thousands of pages.

+ Many folks have given me moist towelettes that have yet to be added. Many thanks and I haven't forgotten about them!

20 April 11 > + The ever-delightful Melanie Bateman sent a package from Rome via Weaverville, NC. There are 18 gorgeous examples in rows on the table before me. Preliminary notes: one of the new Alitalia designs is much more playful than earlier versions. Neither has advertising, which they have in the past. The Lufthansa one is an older design, with a beer ad on one side. Yummy beer. There are 2 examples from Uzbekistan. Hard to contain my excitement about a moist towelette from a new country! Thanks, Melanie.
17 August 10 > + Received a letter from Lauren Adams who is working in Paris. She picked up some moist towelettes from a Belgian clam restaurant in the St. Germain neighborhood. Deeeeelightful. Thanks, Lauren, miss you much.
25 March 10 > + Received a package from Andrew Wall from a company called Freshends. They make "luxurious flushable towelettes." Very nice. "With aloe, Vitamin E & cucumber extract." Thanks, Andrew! www.freshends.com
16 January 10 >
A nice person named Chris Knight emailed to let me know that the film Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman has an important scene that revolves around moist towelettes. Thanks, Chris!

 + On a similar note, Chevy Chase stars as a retired moist towelette magnet on a NBC show called Community.

 + Moist towelettes are taking over the world! Yippee. Clean Hands For All!

 + Haven't heard from F.D. Nancy about the Mary Todd Lincoln moist towelette. (18 July 9 News) Please contact me F.D. It is very important that I see this moist towelette. Thank-you in advance!

4 January 10 > 

Updated the About page.

21 December 9 > 
 + Just read a story written by a Lady in Nova Scotia. I assume s/he's a lady because there are recipes listed, which is technically kinda sexist oops. The lovely story is about Percival, the (moist) towelette. Thanks for sharing your sweet story!

 + And thanks for linking to my site, I removed some curse words for you. I'm going curse-word-free in 2010!

 7 December 9 > 
Lorraine Young gave me a Mammowipe. Guess these are for? That's right, Boobies! Thanks, Lomaine. It was great seeing you in Raleigh and Virginia. Yummy bloody marys. I love East Coast! I love Lorraine!

9 November 9 > 
Bon Harris gave me a moist towelette from Mexicana when he took Nitzer Ebb to play in Mexico City in November. Check out Nitzer Ebb on tour with Depeche Mode starting in Jan 10. Bon really deserves his own gallery by now. Bad.

1 November 9 > 
Received an envelope with 3 moist towelettes from Robert Holcombe in McKinney, Texas. One of them is a Dallas Cowboys. My first NFL team moist towelette. Didn't even think about them existing which is just silly in hindsight. I am delighted! Thank-you, Robert.

 + Wrapped Freak Dance by the Upright Citizen's Brigade last night at the Pink Motel. Bittersweet.

September 9 > 
Received packages from 2 lovely friends in September:

 + Received a package from Melanie Bateman with addtions from Ethiopia, Sardinia, Libya, and Rome, Italy. One is shaped like a fish. haha! A fish!

And Johnray Fuller from NYC sent a wonderful package with too many additions to mention!

Thanks to you both.
5 August 9 >   
Received a moist towelette from Mark Mothersbaugh called EO Sanitizing hand wipe. "Cleans, sanitizes & moistens organically. Biodegradable." Unless I'm mistaken, all moist towelettes are biodegradable. An experiment is in order. I love it, thanks, Mark!

18 July 9 > 
Received an envelope today from F.D. Nancy who says they have a precursor to the moist towelette that was used by Mary Todd Lincoln. Wow! They are probably pulling my leg, but I am hopeful. I wrote her/him back.

25 February 9 > 
Two members of Nitzer Ebb gave me moist towelettes in this delightful month.

 + Bon Harris gave me El Pollo Loco ones on the 19th. Love that crazy chicken.
Jason Payne gave me Air France moist towelettes on the 24th.

Thanks, y'all!

 31 January 9 > 
 + Philippe and I are now Facebook friends. Nice.

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